About Us

This site is maintained by Linux enthusiasts and volunteers who have an interest and various degrees of expertise in Linux. The site content is a mixture of what we’re interested in, what content is freely available from other sources, and what we think is important. If as a result you do not find what you’re looking for, feel free to get involved and contribute. If this is something you would like to do and feel you could make the time for, start by contacting the Linux Hostmaster.

From my perspective (as the author of this page) I’ve been a Linux user since the autumn of 1991 after downloading my first copy of Linux from the CompuServe Bulletin Board Service. At the time it had the ability to read and write to a floppy disk but very little else with regards to connectivity or peripherals, certainly no networking capability and the first version didn’t even have hard drive support.

At the time I was using four other popular (commercial) flavours of Unix, but even then in it’s most basic form, it seemed clear that Linux had the potential to blow all commercial competitors out of the water.

Using Linux over the years and watching it grow has been an incredible experience and to see it now running the majority of websites on the Internet, powering the majority of mobile phones on the planet, and even in schools as the Operating System of choice for the Raspberry Pi (or to me, the modern day equivalent of the “BBC Micro”), I simply can’t imagine what the World would have been like without Linux and the volunteers who have worked on it over the years.

“Long may it continue .”